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Two captured for assault

Two captured for assault

Two captured for assault

Two individuals have been capturing on the charge of assaulting a minor in Baitadi. Arun Saud,31, of Sunarya rustic region 8 in the locale and Bashudev Pant,30, of Godavari district 2, Kailali have been captured for submitting the shocking demonstration.

Arjun has been charged of assaulting a 13-year-old young lady from Puchaudi region while Basu Dev is blamed for aiding Arjun perpetrate the wrongdoing, as indicated by Police Inspector at the Area Police Office, Patan Gauri Prasad Jaisi. The couple went to see the young lady, who was in normal telephone protection with them, in her town and took her to the wilderness in Bitthad in Sigas country region and assaulted her. The episode apparently occurred last Wednesday.

The mother of the young lady recorded a protest on Friday. An examination has been started while the team has been taken into police care, said DSP of Baitedi Narayan Prasad Adhikari. Prior, on September 9, five individuals including an educator and government worker had been captured on the charge of assaulting a 17-year-old young lady in Sigas provincial district.

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