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No involvement in rail contract: Federation

No involvement in rail contract: Federation

The Federation of Contractors’ Association of Nepal has refuted its involvement in the contract system involving railways. As it is the State authorities that determined the eligibility of the proposals as per the common regulation and procurement act, the contractors have no role and involvement in it, says a declaration issued by way of the FCAN usual secretary Roshan Dahal.

There is no significance of dragging the federation into the contract technique in which it has no role, the declaration says whilst alerting one and all closer to the efforts being made to malign the photo of the federation. In the name for bidding announced via the department of railways, more than one hundred development organizations have participated as joint assignment companies. Hence, it is contradictory in itself to say that solely a few contractors had been worried in the bidding process.

The FCAN is continually against any bidding manner that is decided via collusion. Furthermore, the latest bidding procedure by the department of railways has been declared as prison via the High Court Patan, which certifies that the contracting system was legal, provides the statement.

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