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Collective worship carried out at Mayadevi temple

Collective worship carried out at Mayadevi temple

Collective worship carried out at Mayadevi temple

Collective worship has been performed at Mayadevi temple in Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, today. According to the Lumbini Development Trust, the monks and nuns carried out worship at the Temple by preserving social distance on the event of Purnima (full moon day). The Temple was once closed due to the fact long due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Officiating member-secretary of the Trust, Gyanin Rai said, “Worship will be carried out in Mayadevi Temple in the morning and evening every day from onward. Though the Temple can’t be opened for public till the government’s choice of opening the spiritual locations for public, everyday worship has been commenced by way of adopting fitness precautions.”
Monks carried out collective worship wishing for the give up of coronavirus pandemic, everlasting peace of the deceased, speedy get better of the coronavirus infected human beings and world peace.

Monks, Lama, Guruama of one-of-a-kind monasteries of Lumbini and locals had participated in the worship, said Chairperson of All Nepal Monk Federation, Bhikkhu Maitri. The Trust had geared up the collective worship. Monk Wajir had coordinated the Therbadi Monastery and Chief of Singapore Monastery, Tasi Lama, on the behalf of Lama Monastery had coordinated the collective worship. Responsibility has now been given to Theravada and Mahayana monasteries for daily worship at Mayadevi Temple.

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